Prevention of Coronavirus

Black Urban is taking extraordinary measures for the prevention of Corona virus (Covid-19) that has been spreading drastically all over the world. There have been zero cases of COVID-19 among the team members of Black Urban.

You can contact customer support of the Black Urban Limo Services anytime about any query regarding preventive measures, packages, and type of car you want.



The chauffeurs thoroughly disinfect all vehicles before and after each ride. Hand sanitizers are available for the chauffeurs. The clients also have access to hand sanitizers. We have advised all team members to stay at home if they feel unwell and get tested immediately.

Black Urban has recommended all clients to sit in the back seat. We made this rule so that distance is maintained between the chauffeur and the client. This is done for the prevention of Corona virus. The whole limo experience is completely adapted according to the current requirement.


Furthermore, WHO has advised people to avoid large gatherings to be safe from exposing themselves to the virus. Hence, airline services are in decline. There have been practically little to no flights available for short distances. Hence, the travel is becoming inconvenient.

Moreover, due to this factor, many of the airline services are in decline. This has caused many short-distance flights to become unavailable. Moreover, newspaper or any other object that can serve as a cross contaminator is not available on the rides. In this time of need, your best option for inter-city travel is to hire a private car. Avoid traveling in groups for the prevention of the Corona virus.

This is why Black Urban has come up with a new long-travel service for its clients. If you can’t find an inter-city flight, you can book a private and luxurious car of your choice.

These long-range and short-range travel services are available in Chicago, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, and any other city you live in. Book us and we will whisk you away to your destination by a healthy chauffeur.